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iMapBook reading workshop
Qualitative results showed that children preferred the iMapBook over the traditional text:

Students passionately described their experience with the iMapBook, saying "it made me use my brain," “cool,” “fun,” and “awesome.” One student even made up a new word, “incredimazing,” to describe his experience with the iMapBook.

As evidenced through research results, students are inspired and empowered through iMapBooks, and the concept has significant motivational potential to improve reading comprehension.


"The games make you want to think more and remember it."

"It’s kind of like your own personal teacher since it asks you questions about where things are and what is going on."

"The games are like fun comprehension checks and makes you want to remember."

"It’s the future way to do tests."

"It's much more fun playing games to help you remember. I think it is awesome that it can do what it does."